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Air Scrub is a totally new, safe, fast and cost effective way of removing contamination from the air outperforming all other traditional techniques.

The Air Scrub process causes the airborne contaminating to rain or fall out of the air within minutes of application, landing on horizontal surfaces for conventional surface cleaning.

Air Scrub Accredited technicians prove success by measuring airborne decontamination before and after treatment.

Air Scrub can remove indoor air pollution in minutes making traditional methods of filtration and ionisation, ozone and fogging obsolete

Dead mould and bacteria are allergenic or toxic and sub-micron fragments of cell or spore wall become aerosolised and inhaled into the lower respiratory tract and alveoli where blood oxygen transfer occurs.


  • Sanitation of flooded buildings
  • Fire damage and soot’s
  • Mould decontamination (after surface decontamination)
  • Building demolition or generally dusty environments